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Reactor Cluj

LIGHTS OUT – concert

vineri, 31 oct, ora 20:00



Indie / Psychedelic


Teodora Retegan – Vocals, Keys, Guitar
Andrei Sîncrăian – Guitars
Oana Pop – Drums, Sample Pad
Andrei Bobiș – Guitars, Kalimba

The 4 members of Lights Out (Teodora Retegan – vocals, keys, Andrei Sîncrăian – guitars, Oana Pop – drums and Andrei Bobiş – guitars) have followed their stereo dreams together since 2010, the year they released their first demo, called “Inside Out”.

2 years later, after opening for bands like We Have Band, O. Children, Chew Lips and exceptional Romanian indie acts such as The MOOoD, The Mono Jacks, The Amsterdams or Snails, they released “EOD”, the first single taken out of the band’s debut disc, “Patience” (an EP released in April 2012). Their first video, made for “Mirror” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEP7WKg6N6k), the best Romanian song of 2012 according to No. 3 music blog, took them up to the 3rd place in RØDE Rocks, in front of over 500 bands from 40 countries from all over the world.

Halfway through 2013, Lights Out released a video called “Wayfaring” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zw0elS0-Jo), a 15 minute long live session containing 3 new songs, called “Noosi”, “Downcast” and “Pleasures” (the 2nd also being released as a single, http://music.thelightsareout.com/album/downcast), that marked a divergence from the path that they’ve taken on “Patience”, sonically and stylistically. Where “Patience” was enthusiastically raw and brisk – a collection of songs that felt on a way to somewhere – these new tracks are uncanny and graceful, insinuating themselves through thoughts like shadows and, because of Teodora’s haunting voice, warm and overwhelming.

Immediately after the release, Lights Out headed out on a wide-ranging tour in order to debut these brand new songs, which included venues from Romania and from Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well. Last season was the summer of Lights Out – the band played all the major Romanian festivals. Among them, Electric Castle, Peninsula, ArtMania and Poiana Urbană.

Last fall Lights Out have done another Central European to promote new songs that will be featured on the band’s first album: they played in Budapest and Prague again along the way, with bands from Poland, Italy, Hungary and the Czech Republic as opening acts.

Currently the band is getting ready for the international release of the first single from the next album, a song called “Nepal”. With this new effort, Lights Out reinvent themselves yet again. A moody, lush, electronic-tinged song, “Nepal” is the band’s most sincere, beautiful and arresting one to date. The usual Lights Out woozy psychedelics are disciplined here by delicately pulsing beats and wistful electronic contours. By revealing their true musical hearts, the band’s music has ascended to new heights.

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