Delia Gavlițchi

Delia Gavlițchi

Motto: Culture, as it’s defined in the dictionary, is the totality of material and spiritual values created by the human race. Therefore, culture is not about knowledge, but about values.

Date and place of birth: March 9th, Brașov


Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, The Theatre and Television Faculty, Theatre Directing, class of Mona Marian (Chirilă), 2010

Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Geography Faculty, Territory Planning, 2007

Professional Experience at Reactor

The Middle Realm, by Ana Cucu-Popescu, 2019

About Stars by Ana Cucu-Popescu, 2019

The Kitchen of the Dragon Family, script by Ana Cucu-Popescu, after texts by Adina Rosetti, MiniREACTOR, 2018

Madame Pové and the Time Family, scenariu Alexa Băcanu, MiniREACTOR, 2018

PLANET MANIPULATION S01 by Lorena Copil, 2017

FORMS by Lorena Copil, 2016

TIC-TAC by Petro Ionescu, 2016

Madame Pové Tells the Story of the Goat With Three Kids, after Ion Creangă, 2015

ROGVAIV, collective script, 2015

The Giant Radish, after a Russion folk story, 2014

Madame Pové – The Little Brownie, after a Russion folk story, 2014

Madame Pové – The story of the Snowmen, 2014

Professional Experience in Other Locations

Little Man by Petro Ionescu, Regina Maria Theatre – ARCADIA, Oradea, 2016

The Giant Radish by Alexa Băcanu, after a Russian folk story, Arlechino Theatre, Brașov, 2015

URSUL PĂCĂLIT DE VULPE, after Ion Creangă, Puck Puppet Theatre, Cluj-Napoca, 2013

CLOVN?, text Delia Gavlitchi, Persona Association, Cluj-Napoca, 2012

ACEEAȘI ZI DIN VIAȚA MEA, by Ana Nicolae, with Ramona Atanasoaie, produced in the ”X-men Generation” grant at the Theatre and Television Faculty, BBU, Cluj-Napoca, 2012