80 min

22/02/2020 20:00

07/10/2018 19:00
By Maria Manolescu
Director: Dragoș Alexandru Mușoiu
Set design: Anda Pop
Actors: Alexandra Caras, Paula Rotar, Paul Socol, Doru Taloș, Adonis Tanța
Sound: Dan Aga

Just like the Great Romania, Anuța is turning 100. The reunited family tries to bring her a tribute, except that their previous conflicts become even worse. Caught in-between the disbanded voices and parallel speeches around him, Toma, the great-grandson, tries to find a meaning.

“Unity is highly celebrated in 2018, but if we look around, our families including, we are not united at all. At the same time, I can see in today’s kids more emotional intelligence and less restraint than in the older generations. And that felt like an important thing to celebrate, be it in a small parable about our country as a family quarreling in time of celebration.” (Mariana Manolescu)

This performance was created as part of the Drama5 project, third edition, co-financed by AFCN, The Town Hall and the Local Council of Cluj Napoca, and UNITER.

foto: Ioana Ofelia
foto: Ioana Ofelia
foto: Ioana Ofelia