30 min
10 ron

31/01/2015 11:00
directed by: Delia Gavlițchi
with: Oana Mardare, Carina Bunea, Cătălin Filip

A musical-theatrical performance on the triviality of our daily recurrences, about roads we’ve walked for so long that we hardly notice them anymore and about those sudden events that change the comfort of routine for good.

Think of the road you regularly walk on. Be it the road to work or school, the road to someone or the homecoming, observe your mind running between what it sees, what it sees again, and all the things it reminds you of or projects. There’s something boring and pleasant in this chorus. That until, in a moment unknown, something unexpected happens, something that never happened before and is unlikely to happen again. There’s a chance that this event,  currently unknown, changes something forever.

This performance was created as part of the „Fresh Start” programme – second edition, financed by AFCN (The Administration of the National Cultural Fund), The Town Hall and the Local Council of Cluj-Napoca.

foto: Bogdan Botaș
foto: Bogdan Botaș
foto: Bogdan Botaș
foto: Bogdan Botaș
foto: Bogdan Botaș