30 min
10 ron

31/01/2015 11:00
directed by: Delia Gavlițchi
with: Oana Mardare, Carina Bunea, Cătălin Filip

In the Shadow of the Grand Plan is a subjective attempt to retrace the history of a social experiment whose consequences are still haunting us: the new man and the national myth of the promised self-reliant land.The performances turns into a family chronicle spanning three generations and following, at the same time, the social, political and moral mutations in the society, and their effect on the human being and his private life.

We are a generation in search of and identity and for that purpose, we examine the past and future in an attempt to crystallize an attitude towards history. Tributary as we are to a mystified past and a changing present, all we are left to do is to investigate our origins and sarcastically project our future, like any transitional generation should, in a bitter-sweet, fairytale-like show.

This performance was created as part of the cultural programme „100 years of Romania. Three secondary histories”, co-financed by AFCN (The Administration of the National Cultural Fund), The Town Hall and the Local Council of Cluj Napoca, and UNITER- The Theatre Union of Romania.