100 min
30/20 lei
Premiere date:
17/09/2020 20:00
By: Cosmin Stănilă
Directed by: Andrei Măjeri
Set design: Adrian Balcău
Sound design: Adrian Piciorea
With: Emőke Kató, Lucian Teodor Rus
Light & sound design: Cătălin Filip
Video: Mihai Stanciu
Subject: oblivion & matricide
Genre: bilingual drama
Atmosphere: psychiatric realism

When actress Eszter Nagy is diagnosed with dementia, her son, Cristi, chooses to come back home to take care of her. While trying to protect his mother from suffering and to preserve her public image and her artistic personality, Cristi starts to lose grasp of his own life. Eszter’s disease becomes a third character that the two confront with courage and humour, but which also makes them doubt their own ideas about care, love and dignity.

“To be the witness of your own consciousness’ dimming seems unbearable. There are 50 million people living with Alzheimer in the world. Many of them have made peace with their condition, while also fighting the lack of a cure and the social stigma. All the things Alois took from me is about how we negotiate with the imminence of our own disappearance.” (Cosmin Stănilă)

This performance has been created during the 5th edition of the playwriting residency, Drama 5. 

photo: Bogdan Botaș
photo: Bogdan Botaș
photo: Bogdan Botaș
photo: Bogdan Botaș
photo: Bogdan Botaș
photo: Bogdan Botaș
photo: Bogdan Botaș