Cosmin Stănilă

Cosmin Stănilă

Motto: When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. If it doesn’t, concentrate is fine, too. But the idea is that if you really want to drink lemonade, you drink it. Even if you start growing your own lemon tree. Being patient is a way of wanting, too.

Date and place of birth: 26.12.1994, Constanța

2014-2017, Student of The Arts of Performances, Acting, Class of Prof. Univ. Dr. Habil. Bács Miklόs and Irina Wintze, Faculty of Theatre and Television, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca

Professional Experience at Reactor
We Don’t, Not Ever by Petro Ionescu, Olivia Grecea, Cosmin Stănilă, Paula Rotar, Alexandra Caras, Radu Dogaru, 2018

Professional Experience Outside Reactor

Employed at the National Theatre in Cluj-Napoca

– Alex, Avioane de hârtie, directed by Boda Norbert, 2017, Fabrica de Pensule

– Doctor Spivey, Zbor deauspra unui cuib de cuci by Dale Wasserman directed by Marian Oltean, Cluj-Napoca National Theatre

– George, (în)cerc after Schtroumph by Paul M. Sava, directed by Bianca Baraboi, Create.Act.Enjoy 2018

– Multiple roles, Craii de Curtea-Veche after Mateiu Caragiale, directed by Răzvan Mureșan, Cluj-Napoca National Theatre 2018

– The second craftsman, Meșterul Manole after Lucian Blaga directed by Andrei Măjeri, Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, 2018

– Multiple roles, Țiganiada after Ioan Budai-Deleanu, directed by Alexandru Dabija, Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, 2018