30 min
10 ron

31/01/2015 11:00
directed by: Delia Gavlițchi
with: Oana Mardare, Carina Bunea, Cătălin Filip

The starting point of M.I.S.A.NDERSTANDING is the press scandal tied to the Spiritual Integration in the Absolute Movement and its relationship to the system of justice in Romania. From the extremely complex story of MISA, the creators of M.I.S.A.NDERSTANDING chose to talk mainly about the most personal aspects, about the ways in which the scandal affected the yoga practitioners at the MISA school, especially a young woman who was hospitalized to a psychiatric hospital by force because of the association with the yogi group.

In the end, instead of conclusions, questions rise: what is normal? How dangerous can a scandal-seeking-press-at-all-costs be? What have we inherited in attitude and thinking from the communist regime? How much do we cherish one’s freedom vs. tradition? What happens when morality is taken for law?

Attention! The performance uses strobe lights and is not recommended for people with epilepsy or pace-maker.

This performance was created as part of the project ”Democracy practices. Investigating recent history” , co-financed by AFCN (The Administration of the National Cultural Fund), The Town Hall and the Local Council of Cluj-Napoca.


foto: Cătălin Grigoriu
foto: Cătălin Grigoriu
foto: Cătălin Grigoriu
foto: Cătălin Grigoriu
foto: Cătălin Grigoriu
foto: Cătălin Grigoriu