Alexa Băcanu

Alexa Băcanu

Motto: Better to be concise than boring.

Date and place of birth: 24.01.1985, Craiova


Faculty of Theatre and Television, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca – Theatrology, Bachelor’s degree, 2007-2010

Professional Experience at Reactor

Glory, directed by Olivia Grecea, 2019

Third Row, Close to the Edge, directed by Sânziana Stoican, 2019

M.I.S.A.NDERSTANDING, directed by Dragoș Alexandru Mușoiu, 2017

The Monstrous Story of the Maiden Who Waited For the Sunrise or Hysteria, directed by Diana Dragoș, 2015

The Disappearance, directed by Leta Popescu, 2015

In 4D, directed by Ovidiu Caița, 2014


Madame Pove and the Time Family, directed by Delia Gavlițchi, 2018

Professional Experience Outside Reactor
Playwright, Pisica lui Schrodinger, directed by Alexandru Berceanu, Project 2, Bucharest, 2018
Playwright, Totul e foarte normal, directed by Leta Popescu, Replika, Bucharest, 2017
Playwright, Neverland, directed by Leta Popescu, The 3G Theatre, Târgu Mureș, 2017
Playwright, S.ocietate cu R.ăspundere L.imitată (creație colectivă împreună cu Ana Cucu-Popescu, Petronela Ionescu, Alexandra Chițu), directed by Florin Caracala, ColectivA, Cluj-Napoca, 2017
Playwright, București 41 Tur-Retur (alături de Andreea Chindriș și Alexandru Berceanu), directed by Alexandru Berceanu, The Jewish State Theatre, Bucharest, 2016
Playwright, Call it Art!, directed by Leta Popescu, „Lucian Blaga” National Theatre Cluj-Napoca, 2016
Playwright, Ridichea Uriașă, directed by Delia Gavlițchi, Arlechino Theatre, Brașov, 2015
Playwright, Prințul Rowland și Muntele Magic, directed by Noemi Lazici, “Ion D. Sîrbu” Dramatic Theatre, Petroșani, 2014
Playwright, Space Delivery System, directed by Diana Dragoș, 2.0 Theatre, 2012
Playwright, Basm – Radio play created by ArtResearch Association, Cluj Napoca, 2012
Playwright, Dexter, directed by Botos Balint, Enigma Cafe, Cluj Napoca, 2012
Playwright, the fragment Red from the show Rubik, directed by Diana Dragoş, 2.0 Theatre, Cluj-Napoca, 2011
Playwright, Eppur si Muove, directed by Marius Lupoian, UAD Tîrgu Mureş, 2011
Playwright, Veronica nu se hotărăşte (coauthored with Andreea Chindriș), directed by Alexandru Nagy, Noah’s Ark, Bucharest, 2010
Playwright, Cenușăreasa, directed by Marius Costache, „Aureliu Manea” Municipal Theatre, Turda, 2010
Playwright, Dexter, directed by Laurenţiu Blaga, 74 Theatre, Tîrgu Mureş, 2009