30 min
10 ron

31/01/2015 11:00
directed by: Delia Gavlițchi
with: Oana Mardare, Carina Bunea, Cătălin Filip

When a grown-up, say, a pilot, knows that a drawing of a hat is not, in fact, a hat, but a Boa snake that swallowed up an elephant, and a flower’s no longer afraid of tigers and their claws, it means that it now sees through the eyes of a child. And when the grown-up man befriends a tame fox, it means that a child, a prince among children, is happy about the tiny little sheep inside the box drawn by the grown man. And if you can’t see the sheep inside the box, it’s because the eyes can’t reach into the essence of things. You can only see clearly with your heart. That’s what The Little Prince teaches us, who, in turn, received these teachings from the fox that wanted to be tamed.

The show was realized within the project Com’on Cluj- Napoca.