30 min
10 ron

31/01/2015 11:00
directed by: Delia Gavlițchi
with: Oana Mardare, Carina Bunea, Cătălin Filip

The Pink&Blue Hodgepodge is a play for children which will take the little ones to a not-so-distant world than theirs. However, it is a world where even the most unexpected wishes come true if heard by the right people, where mistakes are a go, not to be blamed, a world where we learn about the importance of diversity. By participating in this play, we learn that the word “important” is not “one-size fits all”, that what is truly important for me can be less important for someone else, that the world is filled with millions of wonderful colors, just waiting to be discovered, we only need a bit of openness to see them.

A performance produced within the project #MiniREACTOR. Development of the cultural offer for the young audience, co-financed by The National Cultural Fund Administration.