Adina Lazăr

Adina Lazăr


”If you’re heartless, your fortune is for nothing

You’re a frozen man if you have nothing to give

Doesn’t matter if you have everything, but lack shame

And run from someone who is in trouble

Don’t change honour for shame

If you want me to be good to you

And if you want respect

Show me you respect me too.”

-Lyrics by Vali Vijelie-

Date and place of birth: 20.01.1987


Teatre directing, Faculty of Theatre and Television, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, 2016

Professional Experience at Reactor

Directing, Love me tinder, September 2018
Directing, #ABUSE- Tomorrow I’m Going Home, September 2017

Professional Experience Outside Reactor

Directing, 3 milioane, dramaturgy by Alexandra Felseghi, Create. Act. Enjoy, Cluj-Napoca 2018
Directing, EAT ME, dramaturgy by Alexandra Felseghi, Create. Act. Enjoy, Cluj-Napoca, 2017
Directing, Orchestra Titanic by Hristo Boychev, Teatrul de Nord Satu Mare, February 2016
Directing, PENA, Create.Act.Enjoy, Cluj-Napoca, October 2016