Bianco Erdei

Bianco Erdei

Motto: I’ve learned that the mistake can be the best feedback. I listen to my instinct and to my… director.

Date and place of birth: July 27th, 1994, Satu Mare


Theatre and Film Faculty, Babeș-Bolyai University, Acting, Bachelor’s degree, 2016

Professional  Experience in  Reactor

Mihai, The Middle Realm, d. Delia Gavlițchi, 2020

Performer, I like sushi, d. Raul Coldea, 2019

Robert, Love me tinder, d. Adina Lazăr, 2018

Bălăurel, Bucătăria familiei Balaur, d. Delia Gavlițchi, 2018

The Witch, Harababura roz-albastră, d. Kata Palocsay, 2017

Actor, Florescent Proteins, d. Leta Popescu, 2016

The Aviator, The King, The Drunk, The Vain Man, The Little Prince, The Little Price, d. Marius Costache, 2016

Professional Experience Outside Reactor

Taki, Fram – How I became famous, d. Dana Bonțidean, AnimaArt and DeveoMedia, Cluj-Napoca, 2017

Jack, Jack and the Giant Beanstock, d. Dana Bonțidean, AnimaArt, Cluj-Napoca, 2017

Ulise, Erendira & Bună-sa, d. Kocsardi Levente, the Hungarian Theatre, Timișoara, 2017

Ogarul, The Muscians from Bremen, d. Dana Bonțidean, AnimaArt, Cluj-Napoca, 2017