Cătălin Grigoriu

Cătălin Grigoriu

Want to have your zits removed? Photoshop solves acne-related issues, a sleepless night or a face too red because you ran all the way to Reactor after being late to the photo shoot or to the show. Cătălin knows how to make image-related issues go away and replace them with cool photos of reactive people. When he’s not off the beaten path biking, skiing or just off to get rid of the city, Cătălin is always ready to lend a helping hand or photograph the people who work and visit Reactor.

Cătălin graduated the Photography Course of ArtImage Association, which ended with an exhibition at the Octavian Goga Library in Cluj, he received the ISIA and CNFPA accredited diploma of Ski-watch, category IV (skiing initiation), and in 2012 he got the diploma for performer/holiday centre coordinator as part of the preparation course organized by New Horizons Foundation in Straja, Hunedoara.

Photography is one of his strongest passions, and at Reactor he has found a cozy and friendly environment where his work in this field is appreciated and useful.

He tries to finance his passion by selling stock photos: