Diana Dragoș

Diana Dragoș

Motto: ”It is the wood that has to fear your hand, not the other way around.” Pai Mei (Kill Bill Vol. 2)

Date and place of birth: March 21st 1988, Satu Mare


UBB Cluj- The Theatre and Television Faculty, Masters in Theatre Directing, 2010-2012

UBB Cluj – The Theatre and Television Faculty, Bachelor in Theatre Directing, 2010

Professional Experience at Reactor

directing the performances:

What is Darkness Afraid Of?, dramatization by Brîndușa Ban, 2018

The Monstrous Story of the Maiden Who Waited for the Sunrise or Hysteria, 2015

The Empire Turandot Whispered, free adaptation after Gozzi, 2014

director-coordinator of the lecture-performances from Drama 5 – playwriting residencies:

2018: Breathing Breaks by Cornelia Iordache, Teatrul de Nord Satu Mare

2017: Love Me Tinder by Kata Gyorfi, Cărturești Cluj

Tragedy 2.1 by Ovidiu Cioclov, Cărturești Cluj

SUCCES or Small Contemporary Anxieties by Andreea Lăcătuș, Cărturești Cluj

Professional Experience in Other Locations

Why does the rabbit have long ears or Rabbit and the Man in the Moon, Teatrul de Nord, Satu Mare, 2019

I had forgotten by Gabriel Sandu-reading-Focus Drama, Teatrul de Nord, Satu Mare, 2018 

Space Delivery System by Alexa Băcanu, The Paintbrush Factory, Cluj-Napoca, 2012

Just not my neck, after Mihai Ignat, Cluj-Napoca, 2012

Infanta. Ghid de întrebuințare by Saviana Stănescu, The Paintbrush Factory, Cluj-Napoca, 2011

Conu’ Leonida față cu Reacțiunea, adapation after I.L. Caragiale, The Marin Sorescu National Theatre, Craiova, 2011

Rubik (the fragments Red by Alexa Băcanu and Yellow by Brîndușa Ban), The Paintbrush Factory, Cluj-Napoca, 2010

Flow by Danka Sekulovic, Akademie für darstellende Kunst, Ulm, Germania – residence, 2010

Interior after „The Death Cycle” by Maurice Maeterlinck, Teatrul de Nord, Satu Mare, 2010

Contact: dianaadragos@gmail.com