Lucia Mărneanu

Lucia Mărneanu

Motto: I fiddle around Reactor because that’s where most of my friends are. I once had a small workshop there, that’s where I had my first personal drawings exhibition, that’s where I painted my first walls. And that’s also where I can go anytime to scan a drawing at nearly any hour or encounter someone I know and chat while having aa smoke. I smoke a lot. Otherwise, I have a collection of piggybanks, I do 30 push-ups a day and I hope I’ll get it right with mural drawings.

Date and place of birth: 15.06.1988, Bucharest


Faculty of Plastic Arts, Graphics, University of Arts and Design, Cluj-Napoca
Faculty of Theatre and Television, Acting, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca

Professional Experience at Reactor

Scenography, (IN)CORRECT, directed by Leta Popescu, 2020

Actress, Body of Defiance, directed by Raul Coldea, 2018
Actress, Detached, directed by Cristian Ban, 2017
Actress and Illustrator, The Miracle of Cluj, directed by David Schwartz, 2017
Actress, 9 out  of 10, directed by Leta Popescu, 2014
Illustrator, Personal Exhibition – Desen Automat

Professional Experience Outside Reactor

Illustrator, Pictez Pereți
Associate Artist,de fapt eram eu, by Denisse Moise and Lucia Mărneanu, MNAC București
Graphic documentarian, Forme Ușoare de Performativitate, ColectivA Association
Actress, 3 milioane, regia Adina Lazăr, Create. Act. Enjoy
Illustrator, Focus Atelier 360. Practici în arta politică din estul Europei, Reciproca Association (Idea Design & Print Editorial House, Cluj-Napoca)
Illustrator, Eu sunt fată. Pot să fac orice, by Ruth Borgfjord, Altart Foundation and Les Sisterhood
Illustrator, Familiile din Parc, by Ruth Borgfjord, Altart Foundation
Performer Great Again, by Astrit Ismaili and Lucia Mărneanu, Reciproca Association and East European Performing Arts Platform
Mural Paintings Trainer, Telciu Summer School 1st and 2nd Editions, The Centre for Studying the Modern and Rural World of Telciu
Illustrator, Kinderzimmerzauberei, directed by Leta Popescu, Gong Theatre, Sibiu
Illustrator, S.ocietate cu R.ăspundere L.imitată, directed by Florin Caracala, ColectivA Association
Illustrator, Call it Art, directed by Leta Popescu, Cluj National Theatre
Mural Painting Trainer, Dă culoare școlii tale, Komunitas Association
Organizer, Focus Atelier 1st edition, Reciproca Association
Vizual Arist, M.ország gyermekei, directed by Peter Fabian, K2, Modern and Contemporary ArtCenter, Debrecen
Actress, Parallel, directed by Sinko Ferenc and Leta Popescu, GroundFloor Group
Actress, 10 studii despre iubire cu i mic, by Lucia Mărneanu and Andrei Mărginean, GroundFloor Group
Actress, Tatăl nostru, directed by Sergiu Lupșe, Faculty of Theatre and Film, UBB
Illustrator 9 +1 poveşti cu mustăţi despre nişte hamsteri cu adevărat adevaraţi (author Voicu Bojan), Aqua Forte Editorial House, Cluj-Napoca
Illustrator, Number Lane Tales or Multiplication Facts Made fun for Everyone (author Lica Marhao), Artful Dragon Press Editorial House, North Carolina