Oana Hodade

Oana Hodade

Motto: When we are born, we are born with a sort of mood in us, a mood that comes to us through our genes, that will be seasoned by experience, but deep down, it’s already there, looking for company, for someone to share itself with; and when we happen on the right piece of music, the right person, or the right artist, then, with a muscle that is as deep as ourselves, with the force of someone grabbing for a life preserver, we attach.

Date and place of birth: January 14th 1985


Acting, The Tîrgu Mureș Arts University, 2008

Professional Experience at Reactor

Sound Designer, (IN)CORRECT, written and directed by Leta Popescu, 2020

Performer, The Ballads of Memory by Ionela Pop, Raul Coldea, Nicoleta Esinencu, Oana Hodade, Doru Taloș, 2019

Performer, Third Row, Close to the Edge by Alexa Băcanu, directed by Sânziana Stoican, 2019

Performer, 9 out of 10, directed by Leta Popescu, 2014

Professional Experience Outside Reactor


Marele B, directed by Adonis Tanța, co-production Zug.zone & Sound Reactor, 2019

Sunt una dintre fortunate, directed by Lorand Maxim, co-production Muzeul Județean de Istorie și Artă Zalău & Reactor, 2019

Poveşti politically correct din pădurea Codru Verde, directed by Ovidiu Caița, Ariel Theatre, Tîrgu-Mureș, 2014

Poveste Irlandeză, directed by Oana Leahu, Tîrgu-Mureș National Theatre, 2013

Amurgul Burghez, directed by Anca Bradu, Tîrgu-Mureș National Theatre, 2012

Fazanul, directed by Cristian Hadji-Culea, The Sică Alexandrescu Theatre, Braşov, 2012

Jake şi femeile lui, directed by Petre Bokor, The Sică Alexandrescu Theatre, Braşov, 2011

Autostrada, directed by Adi Iclenzan, The Sică Alexandrescu Theatre, Brașov, 2010

Ieri, directed by Adi Iclenzan, Teatru 74 Tîrgu-Mureş, 2010

Welcome to Romania, directed by Theo Herghelegiu, The Mihai Popescu Theatre, Târgovişte, 2008

Fata de mătase artificială, directed by Costin Gavază, The Ariel Theatre in Tîrgu-Mureş, 2008

Edmond, directed by Cristi Juncu, Teatru 74 Tîrgu-Mureş, 2005

Sfârșit, directed by Leta Popescu, The Marin Sorescu National Theatre, Craiova, 2016
Ghinga, directed by Leta Popescu, The Paintbrush Factory, Cluj, 2015
Poveşti politically correct din pădurea Codru Verde, directed by Ovidiu Caița, The Ariel Theatre Tîrgu-Mureș, 2014

editorial projects

Miracolul de la Cluj și M.I.S.A.PĂRUT. Istorie recentă și spectacol, Cluj 2019

An Almost Political Diary, carte de artist Lucia Mărneanu, Cluj 2019

Cinema Arta. Din 1913 până în prezent (Cinema Arta. From 1913 Til the Present), Cluj 2018

Focus Atelier 360° – Practici în arta politică din Estul Europei (Focus Atelier 360 – Practices in the Political Art  of Eastern Europe), Cluj 2017

10 ani de Temps d’Images. Independență. Experiment. Producție (10 Years of Temps d’Images. Independence. Experiment. Production), Cluj 2017

Imaginary Lexicon of Cluj, Lublin & Cluj, 2016

other projects
exhibitions: Timp petrecut la râu (Time spent at the river), Someș Expus, Cărturești Cluj, 2018

Povestind imagini / Imaginând povești (Telling Images / Imagining Stories), group exhibition, Galeria Plan B Cluj, 2017
Ideilada, collective online platform, 2012

Contact: oana.hodade@gmail.com