Oana Mardare

Oana Mardare

Motto: Actress with high aspirations, willing to do anything to accomplish them: marketing, distributing flyers, organizing, reports, coordination, chipping in with her opinions.

Date and place of birth: 02.09.1987, Bacău


Faculty of Theatre and Television, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, Bachelor’s Degree in Acting, 2009
ESTUDIS de Teatro Berty Tovias, Barcelona, Master’s Degree in Acting, 2012

Professional Experience at Reactor

Cornelia, (IN)CORRECT, written and directed by Leta Popescu, 2020

The Maiden, Glory, directed by Olivia Grecea, 2019

Performer, 99,6%, collective work, 2018

Actress, In the Shadow of the Grand Plan, directed by Catinca Drăgănescu, 2018

Actress, The Cluj Miracle, directed by David Schwartz, 2017

Actress, M.I.S.A.NDERSTANDING, directed by Dragoș Alexandru Mușoiu, 2017

Actress, Fluorescent Proteins, directed by Leta Popescu, 2016

Actress, A Subjective History of Fragility, directed by Olivia Grecea, 2016

Eliza, I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over It, concept and dramaturgy by Petro Ionescu and Raul Coldea, 2015

Lucia, The Monstrous Story of the Maiden Who Waited for the Sunrise or Hysteria, directed by Diana Dragoș, 2015

47 year old woman, 25 year old girl, Temporary, concept and dramaturgy by Petro Ionescu and Raul Coldea, 2015

The Ballerina, ROGVAIV, directed by Delia Gavlițchi, 2015

Madame Pové, Madame Pové and the Time Family / Madame Pové tells the Story of the Snowmen  /  The Story of the Little Brownie / The Story of The Goat with Three Kids, directed by Delia Gavlițchi, 2015-2018

Oana, In 4D, directed by Ovidiu Caița, 2014

Actor, 9 out of 10, directed by Leta Popescu, 2014

Professional Experience Outside Reactor

The Mayoress, Ghinga, directed by Leta Popescu, Adina Lazăr, Valentina Gabor, Fabrica de Pensule, 2015
Vivian, Așteptând-o pe Alice, Porta 4 – Reactor, 2014
Her, Elevador, directed by Cristian Ban, Porta 4, Barcelona, 2012

Contact: oana.mardare9@gmail.com