Paul Socol

Paul Socol

Motto: If you’re going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else they’ll lock you up.

Date and place of birth: June 9th 1986, Cluj Napoca


University of Arts Târgu Mureș, Acting Bachelor’s and Master’s

Professional Experience at Reactor

Performer, Îmi place sushi, by Ioana Hogman, directed by Raul Coldea, 2019

Radu, All’s Well That Ends by Andreea Tănase, directed by Radu Nica, 2019

The Mentor, Glory by Alexa Băcanu, directed by Olivia Grecea, 2019

Victor, Our Little Centenary, directed by Dragoș Alexandru Mușoiu, 2018

Actor, Refuges, concept and dramaturgy by Raul Coldea and Petro Ionescu, 2016

Tudor, Poker, directed by Leta Popescu, 2014

Professional Experience Outside Reactor

The Director, Sclavi, directed by Cristian T. Popescu, 2017