Petro Ionescu

Petro Ionescu

Motto: I’m a stage dramatist and I rarely end up getting bored at rehearsals. I never managed to keep solely to my attributes as a playwright and frequently cross the line towards directing. When I’m not doing artistic stuff, I keep myself busy with administrative work: project writing, report redacting and expense accounts. I’m interested in the social and political dynamics and transposing them in theatre/artistic contexts.

Date and place of birth: 5.06.1988, Botoșani


Bachelor’s at the Faculty of Theatre and Television, Theatrology – Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, 2010
Master’s in Arts du Spectacle Vivant, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, 2014

Professional Experience at Reactor

Playwright, La Plasticatta, directed by Adonis Tanța, 2019

Collective work, 99,6%, 2018

Collective work coordinated alongside Olivia Grecea, We Don’t, Not Ever, 2018

Playwright, The Miracle of Cluj, directed by David Schwartz, 2017

Playwright, In the Near Future, directed by Cristian Ban, 2016

Concept and dramaturgy in collaboration with Raul Coldea, Refuges, 2016

Concept and dramaturgy in collaboration with Raul Coldea, via negativa, 2016

Playwright, Temporary, directed by Raul Coldea, 2015

Playwright, I don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over It, directed by Raul Coldea, 2015

Professional Experience Outside Reactor

Playwright, Rubik – the fragment White, directed by Suzana Buliga, Fabrica de Pensule, 2011
Production trainee, Les Halles, Bruxelles, 2012
Performer-playwright, Europe(s) Villes en scène, directed by Armel Roussel, Théâtre National Bruxelles, 2013
Playwright, Ce am ales să uit, directed by Raul Coldea, FiX Theatre, Iași, 2014
Playwright, Omuleț, directed by Delia Gavlițchi, Arcadia Band – Regina Maria Theatre, Oradea, 2016
Playwright, S.ocietate cu R.ăspundere L.imitată (S.R.L.), directed by Florin Caracala, Colectiv A Association, The Paintbrush Factory, 2017
Concept and dramaturgy in collaboration with Raul Coldea, Inegal, ARENA Association in partnership with MACAZ- Bar Coop Theatre, 2017