Raul Coldea

Raul Coldea

Motto: ”When we look beyond appearances, we see oppressors and oppressed people, in all societies, ethnic groups, genders, social classes and casts; we see an unfair and cruel world. We have to create another world because we know it is possible. But it is up to us to build this other world with our hands and by acting on the stage and in our own life.

Participate in the “spectacle” which is about to begin and once you are back home, with your friends act your own plays and look at what you were never able to see: that which is obvious. Theatre is not just an event; it is a way of life!

We are all actors: being a citizen is not living in society, it is changing it.”

(Augusto Boal, in his message on National Theatre Day, 2009)

Date and place of birth:
08.04.1991, Brașov


Theatre directing, Faculty of Theatre and Television, Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca – 2010-2013

Professional Experience at Reactor

Director of Habituation, 2022

Director of Mine, 2021

Director of I like sushi, 2019

Part of the creative team of The Ballads of Memory, 2019

Performer in 99,6%, 2019

Director of Body of Defiance, 2018

Concept and playwriting for the shows: Temporary, I don’t think I’ll Ever Get Over It, Refuges, via negativa

Professional Experience Outside Reactor

What I Chose to Forget (Fix Teatru, Iași), 2014

Inegal (Arena Association in association with Macaz Bar Teatru coop., București), 2017

Playground (National Theatre of Craiova), 2019

Contact: raulcoldea@yahoo.com

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