120 min
30/20 lei
Premiere date:
06/09/2021 20:00
By: Alexa Băcanu & team
Directed by: Leta Popescu
With: Andreea Ajtai, Radu Dogaru, Raluca Mara/Alina Mișoc, Oana Mardare, Cosmin Stănilă, Adonis Tanța
On video: Alexandru Dabija, Ionuț Caras, Ramona Dumitrean, Anca Hanu, Radu Lărgeanu, Alexandra Tarce, Irina Wintze
Set design: Mihai Păcurar
Costumes: Teodora Frîncu
Music: Radu Dogaru and Adonis Tanța
Stage choreography: Mihai Mihalcea
Assistant director: Irisz Kovacs and Ana Maria Țîrlea
Special thanks: Rondocarton
Subject: in search for lost vitality
Genre: mockumentary
Atmosphere: handmade

During the first year of the pandemic, Reactor is trying to make a performance about the generational gap, together with a director from an older generation. Between Zoom sessions, failed drafts and the effort to have real communication, everything becomes a madness of theatrical forms, a feverish search for answers to rhetorical questions.

This performance has been created in the “Gap. Intergenerational narratives” cultural project, co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration.


photo by: Mihai Păcurar
photo by: Mihai Păcurar
photo by: Mihai Păcurar
photo by: Mihai Păcurar
photo by: Mihai Păcurar