Alexa Băcanu

Alexa Băcanu

Alexa is usually called when something needs to be written, be it a press release or a grant application. She also gets involved in coordinating here and there. You can contact her for anything that has to do with Reactor’s marketing or projects.

Alexa Băcanu is a graduate student of the Theatre Studies department within the Theatre and Film Faculty in Cluj. After she graduated, she worked for a while at the National Theatre in Craiova, before she came back in Cluj, where she has been involved as a PR person or coordinator in many cultural projects, such as those carried out by the Cărtureşti bookshop, Someş Delivery, or Temp d’Images Festival. She has been with Reactor de creaţie şi experiment since 2014.


At the same time, Alexa is a member of the Reactor artistic team, as a playwright.