Cătălin Filip

Cătălin Filip
Technical Director

Cătălin is not only a technician and an actor, he moves tiers, he paints, he vacuums, he hammers, he chops wood, he barbecues. The list can go on and on: if something is needed, he does it without being asked. He knows the place of everything in Reactor, so he is the man you should ask if you search for something and you can’t find it.

He graduated from the Theatre and Film Faculty (Bachelor’s degree) in 2013 and since then he started working with Reactor, first as a technician, then as an artist. He was involved – in a way or another – in almost all the projects developed here, but has also collaborated with other organizations, such as Fabrica de Pensule, the National Theatre of Cluj, the Hungarian Opera House or other independent theatre companies.

Contact: filip_catalin@yahoo.com

Cătălin is member of the Reactor artistic team as an actor.