120 min.
50 / 35 / 25 de lei
Premiere date:
21/09/2022 20:00
By: Alexa Băcanu
Directing: Dragoș Alexandru Mușoiu
Set design: Mihai Păcurar
Choreography: Sergiu Diță
Musical training: Adonis Tanța
Music: Max Anchidin, Renata Burcă, Magor Bocsárdi, Csaba Boros, Tibor Cári, Radu Dogaru, Ada Milea, Adrian Piciorea, Corina Sucarov, Peter Visky, Anonymus Composer
Sound&lights: Cătălin Filip
Sound: Radu Boancă
With: Maialgesa Dat, Călin Deneș, Radu Dogaru, Christian Har, Ana Maria Marin, Duncan McKee, Victor Muntean, Emőke Pál, Ana Rednic, Oana Rotaru, Paula Seichei, Doru Taloș, Adonis Tanța
Poster photo&video: Vivien Miron-Vilidár
With fragments from: ”A Midsummer Night's Dream” by William Shakespeare, translation Ștefan Octavian Iosif
Subject: power&education
Genre: musical
Atmosphere: ambiguous

An acting class is preparing for the exam-performance ”A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. The school is full of rumors, the rehearsals full of epiphanies and the nights full of restlessness. The limits between life and theatre, between school and private life, between normal and abnormal start blending together and disappear.

The performance has been created in the project ”Safety Zone”, which researches abuses of power that can happen in an academic medium, with a focus on those happening in art schools.

Attention! This performance contains scenes that can have a strong emotional impact.

Special thanks to all the students, past and present, who shared their stories with us during the research stage.

Performance cofinanced by the National Cultural Fund Administration, in partnership with The Theatre and Film Faculty in Cluj-Napoca. Cofinanced by the Cluj-Napoca City Hall.

The Dream (photo Vlad Braga)
The Dream (photo Vlad Braga)
The Dream (photo Vlad Braga)
The Dream (photo Vlad Braga)
The Dream (photo Vlad Braga)
The Dream (photo Vlad Braga)
The Dream (photo Vlad Braga)
The Dream (photo Vlad Braga)
The Dream (photo Vlad Braga)