100 min.
25/35/50 lei
Date of the premiere>
13/09/2023 20:00
Directed by: Petro Ionescu
Playwriting: Selma Dragoș
Set design: Alexandra Budianu
Music: Adonis Tanța
Choreography: Cătălin Filip
Video editing: Călin Deneș
Assistants to the director: Călin Deneș, Alexandra Ioana Harapu, Antonia Mihăilescu, Roxana Țentea
Sound and lighting: Robert Kocsis
Photo and video for the poster: Mihai Păcurar
With: Andrada Balea, Cătălin Filip, Oana Mardare, Endre Rácz, Tavi Voina
Subject: the power of others
Genre: speculative historical fiction
Atmosphere: controlled

The performance Part 2. Power delves into the theme of power, as well as into the our relations with strangers/the other, through the exploration of two artistic languages – theatre and film.

Five performers and a video installation go through different stages of human history in relation to a(n) (irrational?) will that is present in every individual and which expresses itself more or less obviously. It gives birth to rules and social constructs, but also to disaster and chaos.

The performance is the second part of the Solidarity trilogy and is built in antithesis to Part 1. Love. The performances of the trilogy work separately, they are stand-alone and it’s not necessary to be seen in a chronological order.

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Performance produced in the multiannual cultural program ”Intersections”, co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration and by the Cluj-Napoca City Hal and Local Council.

Part 2. Power – photo by Roland Váczi
Part 2. Power – photo by Roland Váczi
Part 2. Power – photo by Roland Váczi
Part 2. Power – photo by Roland Váczi
Part 2. Power – photo by Roland Váczi